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Let's Discover!!!

Title: I'm So Lost...
Pairing: Implied JD/Cox
Rating: R, because Perry only works blue
Prompt: 1. Go Somewhere New
Warnings: Angst. Carla. ANGST.

Notes: A big thank you has to go out to emily_knickers , who's been the muse/devil on the shoulder that's been inspiring me. 

Secondly, I intended to have the discover table work in chornological order, however I apparently do not think the same way. While I don't think you'll miss anything by reading out of order, be prepared to skip around the timeline a bit.

She wakes up to the sound of someone stomping around in the living room and frantic muttering. It’s six in the morning on her day off, and she is NOT amused. She throws open the door to the living room, preparing to give Turk or JD a piece of her mind.


“Dr. Cox!?”

The red headed man turns and stares at her like a deer caught in the headlights. He’s only wearing his boxers, a t-shirt clutched in one hand and his sneakers in the other. She’s so surprised at his presence that she can’t find anything to say.


Fortunately she’s saved from having to formulate a response when Perry bolts out the door as if his feet were on fire.


She marches over to J.D.’s room and throws open the door.


“Bambi, you’ve got some explaining to do…”




She gives Perry a few hours to stew in his own juices (or more likely pickle himself with all the alcohol he apparently drank last night) after she wrangles the story from J.D. She takes her time washing up before she borrows J.D.’s car and heads to the hospital.


There’s always the possibility that Perry’s at his apartment, but she doesn’t think so. As much as he says he hates his job and the hospital, it’s the first place he runs to when he can’t cope with something. He practically lived in the hospital those first few weeks when he and Jordan split.


“Don’t go in there…” Doug hisses in her ear.


“I can handle Dr. Cox,” She assures Doug, who gives her a doubtful look before scampering down the hall, trying to put as much distance as possible between himself and the beast in the on-call lounge.


She knocks quietly on the door, mindful of the headache that Perry’s probably nursing after his latest binge. She doesn’t wait for a response as she slips through the door and locks it behind her.


At least Perry had the common sense to commandeer an IV and start pumping fluids back into his system. By now he should at least feel human. Thank god he’s also managed to find a set of scrubs…


She sits beside the ball of human misery curled up on the couch and waits. If she pushes him right now all she’ll get is a verbal beating. He’ll talk when he’s ready, she knows she just has to be patient.


She barely suppresses a yawn as she opens the door to the on call. She starts a little in surprise when she sees Dr. Cox sitting quietly on the couch. Normally when he’s in here he’s watching some soap opera, but the TV’s off. Odd. She grabs her packed lunch from the refrigerator and starts towards the door…

She can’t shake the feeling that there’s something wrong with Dr. Cox though. He’s so still --- it’s just wrong. She doesn’t know him very well, they’ve bantered a couple times while they’ve treated a patient, but nothing more.


The mother hen in her won’t let her leave, so she takes a seat in the chair next to him. Bloodshot blue eyes flick up to meet hers ---


“Petey slept with Jordan,”


“I slept with Newbie,” he rasps out.


“I heard.”


“Oh Jesus ---” Perry groans, and Carla feels her cheeks flush as she realizes what she said.


“I heard about it from J.D., this morning after you left,” She cuts in before he can continue.


“I’m never drinking Jagermeister again,” Perry mutters as he runs his fingers roughly through his hair.


“So what are you going to do?”


“Do? What the fuck am I supposed to do? I slept with one of my residents --- and not just any resident; noooo --- I have to go ahead and sleep with the most girlish hero-worshipping one of the lot. And—and---” He looks at her helplessly.


“And he’s a guy?”


“Why couldn’t it have been Barbie,” Perry asks in a smaller voice. “Hell, even a return visit from Satan’s mistress herself would be better than this…”


“So you had one homosexual encounter, no big deal. I’m sure that if you explain to J.D. that you’re just not into that sort of thing he’ll understand---”


“But I liked it,” He says with an agonized whisper. “I liked it, what the fuck is wrong with me,” he groans, pulling on his hair. Carla scoots away from him, recognizing the warning signs for an eruption from Mt. Perry.


First there was the lowered voice, followed by hair pulling. Next came the rising flush and a low growling, then…







“God DAMMIT,” Perry yells, jumping to his feet and kicking the coffee table into the wall. Carla winces at the new decibel levels Perry’s reached since the last freak out she witnessed.

She waits out the storm quietly, ducking the fluttering magazines. Perry burns out fairly quickly, even for him, and eventually slumps to the floor.


She finds the first aid kit under the sink and pulls out a set of rubber gloves and disposal bag, before kneeling in front of Perry. She gently extracts the I.V. needle from his bruised vein, then begins to clean and bandage it. He sits quietly as she goes about her work, back to staring sullenly at the floor. When she’s finished, she strips off her gloves and sits in front of him.


“I’m too old for this,” he mumbles, clasping his hands together tightly.


“Was it why you didn’t go out with me,” he asks hoarsely after another long moment moment.


It takes her awhile to realize what he’s asking her. She leans forward and runs her fingers through his curls gently. It’s a sign of how distressed he is that he leans into her touch, instead of tensing or jerking away.


“No, you definitely didn’t set off my gay-dar; and I’ll have you know it’s pretty good at picking up on that kind of stuff. I mean, upon reflection the obsession with working out, the tight shirts and the curling iron suddenly make a lot more sense…” She trails off when he gives her a half-hearted glare.


“Look, maybe you’ve been gay your whole life and you’ve just been in serious denial; maybe you’re just gay for J.D. He’s a good guy, even if he is a little weird, and if you tell him that you’re not interested, I’m sure he’ll respect that.” She pauses, trying to find the exact words for what she wants to say next.


“You can either try to pretend that the whole thing never happened, or you can pursue it and see where it takes you. The last long term relationship you had was with Jordan, and she’s a sociopath. Most of the other women you’ve been with since her haven’t lasted past date two. Maybe it’s time you went somewhere new with your life.”


Perry is apparently thinking about it, because he doesn’t say anything.

Title: I'm a Glutton for Punishment
Pairing: Cox/JD
Rating: PG-13, because despite the title, all they do is canoodle a bit.
Prompt: 8. Take A Peek Behind the Curtain
Warnings: None



Intern Evaluation Form


Intern’s Name: Percival “Perry” Cox


Evaluator: Dr. Kenneth Benson (Chief of Medicine)


Technical Ability: (9.5/10) Mr. Cox has shown himself to be extremely competent when it comes to basic procedures. After a rocky first few weeks he has learned rather quickly how to keep calm in crisis. He has shown an extraordinary devotion to his studies. His only weaknesses appear to be his difficulty with metabolic diseases and working in conjunction with other interns. In response to the former problem, he has shown initiative by pursuing all recent cases involving metabolic disorders.


Bedside Manner: (7/10) Mr. Cox has excellent bedside manner when he chooses; unfortunately a great deal of the time he chooses not to. He can be caustic and insulting to patients whom he believes are at fault for their condition. He still, however, does his job to the best of his ability. On occasion though, I have seen him be quite compassionate and sensitive to his patients. Perhaps at times getting too attached.


Notes: While Mr. Cox’s abrasive personality may be off-putting, there can be no denial of his dedication. He works hard, and is one of the brightest interns I’ve seen this year. His determination to be a rebel is one that hopefully he will outgrow with time and maturity. It is, therefore, my recommendation to the board that he be allowed to continue his residency here at Sacred Heart.


Addendum by Dr. Robert Kelso: Mr. Cox is a loud mouthed, disrespectful, arrogant hot shot who doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. While he has shown early promise, his unwillingness to obey orders is a liability that this hospital cannot afford.


Addendum by Dr. Kenneth Benson: Now Bob, just because he dares to disagree with you doesn’t make him a bad doctor. I find him quite refreshing in comparison to the usual flock of whimpering interns we get.


“Whatcha reading there, Buella?”


“I was looking for one of my old case studies, when I found your intern evaluation,” J.D. waves the portfolio in his hand. “You and Dr. Kelso hit it right off.”


“What did I say about uttering that name,” Perry mutters as he drops down on the couch beside him.


“Not in the apartment, or during personal time,” J.D. sighs.


“Time to pay up,” Perry says with a wicked smirk. J.D. rolls his eyes as he moves to straddle Perry’s lap.


“You know, this isn’t really punishment,” J.D. grumbles before leaning in for the first kiss.


“Who says I’m punishing you?”


J.D. kisses him harder this time, nipping at Perry’s lips, smiling as he feels the moan rise in Perry’s chest. For a man being “punished”, Perry didn’t seem too distraught.


Large warm hands slide up his t-shirt, before resting on his hip bones. J.D. whimpers as Perry stretches him out on the couch, and settles on top of him. He loves the feel of Perry’s weight pushing down on him, the hot heat of his body enveloping him.


“Mmnh… Jordan was wrong…” J.D. yips when Perry bites down on his neck.


“You are just a glutton for punishment today,” Perry says in a husky voice, before bending back down to lap at the bite mark.


“You weren’t like me as an intern, you were like Elliot.” J.D. feels all of Perry’s muscles tense up in an instant.


“Oh… danger, you did NAWT just compare me to Barbie…” Perry says, glaring fiercely down at him.


“Great technical doctors, but a little lacking when it comes to bedside manner; but you’ve improved so maybe there’s hope---”


J.D. gags as a throw pillow is held over his face.

Title: I Can't Hardly Stand It
Rating: NC-17, because JD is handsy
Pairing: JD/Cox
Prompt: 12. Reinvent Reality
Warnings: Genderbent alternate universe ahoy!

J.D. can’t believe she’s falling for it all over again. Dr. Perri Cox might be the smartest doctor at Sacred Heart, but she was clueless when it came to love. Why would she waste her time with Jordan, when he’s just going to hurt her again? Doesn’t she realize she could snap her fingers and have any man she wanted?

She’s so beautiful… her long legs, that fine ass, those big blue gray eyes, her sassy curly auburn hair in that sexy bob. Then there were the freckles… god J.D. just wanted to peel off her scrubs and count them all.

Even when she rants she’s stunning; the way her cheeks flush and the cold fire ignites in her eyes. She’s an Amazonian goddess mmm… Perri dressed a Xena… Even though her words are vicious, they’re proof that she cares enough to get angry.


Which is why J.D. can’t figure out what she sees in Jordan. What J.D.’s heard from the gossip pool (i.e. Laverne and Carla), that jerk pretty much cheated on her through out their marriage. Then he made the mistake of sleeping with Perri’s intern (“She caught them in THEIR bed! And he had the balls to say it was her fault!” he could hear Carla cluck). Jordan even collects alimony, because Perri earned more than he did. It wasn’t like he even needed the money in the first place!


Jordan was an arrogant, shallow, self-absorbed prick. The way J.D. saw it, the only positive thing he probably contributed to this world was sitting on his ass once a month during the hospital board meetings. J.D. had to admit he was good in the sack, but that was no reason to keep seeing him!


Yet there she is, talking to him **civilly**, and even smiling at him. Smiling! J.D. would kill for one of her smiles, and she’s wasting it on an unappreciative asshole who doesn’t deserve to lick the sole of her shoes!


When Jordan pulls Perri into a kiss, J.D. snaps. Going in there and making a scene would be counter productive; Perri would just be mad about loosing face in front of coworkers. J.D. sends her an emergency page telling her to come to the fourth floor instead.


J.D. watches as Perri pulls away to check her pager, making Jordan roll his eyes. Bastard. Perri scowls and stomps off towards the elevators. Just before she gets there, J.D. grabs her and pulls her into a storage closet, and locks the door behind them.


“Newbie! You have two seconds to explain what the hh-eelll you think you’re doing, before I rip you to shreds,” Perri snarls.


“Dr. Cox, I think you’re making a mistake,” J.D. blurts out. “You deserve better than Jordan.”


She looks shocked for a moment, but only for a moment. If she was mad before, she’s furious now, her face flushing coral red…Dammit! Why does she have to be hot even when she’s angry? It’s so distracting…


“I don’t think that’s any of your business…” Perri hisses, pressing up against J.D. She looks mad enough to kill… and there’s only one thing J.D. can think to do… kiss her.


Perri is apparently so stunned by the action, that for several long wonderful seconds she does absolutely nothing. Then she comes to her senses and slaps J.D. Fortunately, J.D. manages to catch her wrist before the next blow lands.


“You are a bright, passionate, intelligent, and incredibly sexy woman. I can’t understand why you waste your time with a man who can’t see any of that.” J.D.’s surprised that the words come out so articulately. “You don’t have to settle for him.”


“So are you making yourself available?” Perri sneers, and twists her wrist out of J.D.’s grip. “Nawt interested. Now get out of my way.”


It’s suicidal impulse that makes J.D. pin her against the shelves and kiss her again. Only this time, she kisses back. Those thin lips that normally set in a firm scowl are suddenly soft and pliable. J.D. nearly comes when she lets out a small breathy moan.


“You can’t--- tell me you don’t--- want--- this,” J.D. gasps between kisses. “I won’t let you go back to Jordan, I won’t.”


“I never pegged you for the jealous type, Jennifer,” Perri says in a husky voice as J.D. slips a hand down her scrub pants then between her legs. Perri groans and bucks as fingers feel the first gush of arousal.


J.D. whimpers at the idea of sliding into that slick searing heat. Jordan couldn’t make her wild like this, not anymore. J.D. would ensure that he never got the chance to either…


“Pants off--” Perri mutters as she tugs roughly on the drawstring of their scrubs. J.D. looks down to help untie the knot, just as their scrubs puddle around their ankles---






“That was the weirdest dream ever,” J.D gasps as he flops back down on the bed, one hand firmly grasped on his very real peep. Thank god…


“If it’s weird even by your impossibly high standards, then I don’t want to know,” Perry groans into the pillow. “Now go to sleep.” Perry swats at him sleepily over his shoulder.


J.D. sighs, and snuggles up to Perry who is SO a spooner. He can’t shake the dream though… and since a problem shared is a problem halved…


“In case you were wondering, we make totally hot lesbians,” J.D. whispers with a mischievous grin.


lol, totally awesome! I loved it.(: You wrote the evaluation part awesnolly good.

Oopsy! This comment was only about "I'm a Glutton for Punishment". I'll read and review the rest later.

At first I was like WTF? But after I couldnt stop laughing >_< HOLY CRAP WHERES MY PEEP? heeeheeehehehehe! Sorry. :p XD

This was awesome!

I loved the first one with the Carla/Cox interaction, mostly because it really did give Cox some *real* weaknesses. If he was going to talk this sort of thing out with *anyone*...it was going to be Carla. You made it believable, original, and not overdone (imho, of course).

The second one made me chuckle, especially given the Elliot vs. Cox theories XD And the evals were written very well too ^^

And the third one...XD The ending was just adorable and ironic all at the same time XD I'll have to write down "holy crap; where's my peep" just so I can use it at some point in the future... :P

And I loved "Perri". So awesome ^_^ I'll catch you later, yeah?


Now I've read all. Eeee! They're already really great. Your writing id really really great.