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Let's All Discover
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August 2008
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Aeva [userpic]
Let's All Discover: Prompts 1 and 4, JD/Cox

Okay, these are my first two prompts for the Let's All Discover list. So...yeay! XD One of these is a drabble, one of these a bit longer drabble, and both are smutty. So be forewarned.

Title/Prompt: 1. Go Somewhere New
Rating: R
Pairing: JD/Cox
Warnings: Implication of hot slash loving.
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 125

JD’s been to quite a few places in his life. Not exotic, like Tibet, or romantic, like Italy. Nowhere that far. But he’s seen Disneyland, and Times Square, and when he was a kid his dad had taken him once a year to the Alamo and had bought him a fudgsicle each time. He had seen Chincoteague Island and Coney Island , and one afternoon when with an old college buddy with his, he had snuck across the border into Mexico to drink a beer and giggle at his outrageous daring.

“Oh god, Perry, god please oh please right there right there don’t stop oh god—!”

But these places are nothing compared to where his mind goes whenever Dr. Cox touches him like that.

Title/Prompt: 4. Do What Can't Be Done
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: JD/Cox
Warnings: Hot slash loving, no implication.
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 343

“Dr. Cox—oh, Jesus—there’s no way that this can woooork—!”

Dr. Cox smiles against JD’s neck as the dark-haired doctor’s words descend into a wail. “What’s the matter, Carol, you scared?” He pushes Newbie even further up against the wall, angling his next thrust just so and JD cries out again, grabbing blindly at his shoulders and neck. The young doctor’s legs are wrapped around his waist, he’s fully bare where Cox still remains mostly clothed, and there’s something so unbelievably erotic about having Newbie pinned to the wall, helpless and writhing. The strain of holding JD up is nothing compared to seeing that expression on his face.

“Oh god, Dr. Cox!” JD is almost choking, his back arched, his head falling against the wall. “God, oh god, oh god—“

Cox grins almost savagely, reaching down between their grinding bodies to catch Newbie’s cock in his hand. He rubs his thumb over the head while at the same time slamming himself forward into Newbie’s eager body.

JD practically screams as he comes, shuddering and going ramrod stiff for a moment before melting bonelessly against his chest. Dr. Cox kisses his shoulder as he spends himself inside the panting younger doctor. They lean against each other, JD still held up by Cox’s straining arms, hot breaths of air puffing against the red-haired doctor’s cheek.

After a few long moments, JD rolls his head back and laughs weakly. “I didn’t think there was any way that could work.”

Cox chuckles as he slowly releases his grip on JD’s hips, letting him slide down the wall. JD sags against him, pressing his head into the crook of his neck. “Tell you the truth, Newbie, I wasn’t entirely sure either.” He stretches slightly and winces as his back utters its first (of no doubt many) groans of protest. “And I’ll be paying for it for a week at least.”

JD kisses his cheek and grins impishly up at him. “Was it worth it?”

Cox chuckles, dragging JD’s head back to kiss him fully. “Absolutely.”

::grins wickedly::


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