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Let's All Discover

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Hi everyone, and welcome to the Discovery Table! First of all, a few rules and regulations to put out there, and then feel free to begin!

1. All claims must be approved by the moderator, Emilys_Knickers. It shouldn't be that big a deal, but if you don't post anything for your claim within a month, I'll have to ask you to lurk elsewhere (ETA: It was pointed out to me that a week was a somewhat small amount of time, so I changed it to a month).

2. This *is* a slash community; I will not be accepting any heterosexual pairings at all. Please note that I, myself, am a Scrubs-fan. That doesn't necessarily limit your claim; I just thought I'd throw that out there.

3. Please be kind to each other! If you want to offer concrit (constructive criticism), feel free to do so. However, outright flaming and petty bickering is not allowed. If you have an issue with someone, contact them elsewhere.

4. When posting, please have the following information before your drabble/story:

Word Count:

5. Please keep your installments to a minimum of 100 words. There is no maximum (mostly because I'm horrible for going way over either way).

6. The table will be posted within the community, and I'll have a permanent link here on the Bio to an LJ cut where you can find it from now on. I'm still pretty new to LiveJournal cuts and links, so please bear with me!

7. To make a claim, please e-mail me at emmy_knickers@yahoo.com with your pairing and fandom. I won't approve your membership until I get an e-mail from you or message on my journal of some kind.

8. ETA: There's no limit on how many people can claim a pairing; I like the variability, but since I put this particular regulation at the end of all the rules, I thought I'd put it here too. There's no limit, so if you still want to claim a pairing that's already being done, feel free. This community's still pretty new, so I don't want to limit people by telling them they can't claim a pairing.

9. When you message me for your claim, please put "I want to discover" at the end so I know that you read all the rules. You will NOT be approved until then.

10. Make sure to post your drabbles here and anywhere else. Appreciation in advance.

Permanent Table Link for access: http://community.livejournal.com/lets_discover/501.html

As claims are posted and approved by me, I'll post what everyone's doing here. Again, there is no limit on how many people can claim a pairing, though I'd like things to be a bit varied! Threesomes (if you want to attempt it) are also welcome too.

John "JD" Dorian/Perry Cox: Scruby, my_monicker, mostepotentepotions, elgaladangel

Jordan Sullivan/Elliot Reid: emilys_knickers

Elliot Reid/Carla Espinosa: Chikoli