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Let's All Discover
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August 2008
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Elise Davidson [userpic]
Let's All Discover Table

Here is the table!  24 prompts; yes, I know that prompt 1 and 23 are the same.  This table is courtesy of the Discovery Channel, and I've lifted the prompts straight from the commercial.  The commercial repeats it, and I think it'd be a nice way to end the table the way it was begun, but that's just my opinion.  Everything, of course, is open for interpretation!  I'll be doing this table as well; I'm not just a mod.  :)

On with the table!  I'll post a permanent link to this table in the Bio of the community for easier access until I can figure out a better option.  I'm open to any suggestions, of course!  Enjoy!

Let's All Discover
01. Go Somewhere New02. Crack the Code03. Bend The Rules04. Do What Can't Be Done05. Learn How To Fly06. Meet Up With Bigfoot
07. Find Higher Ground08. Take a Peek Behind the Curtain09. Forget Standard Procedure10. Buy Into a Good Story11. Turn Gravity Off12. Reinvent Reality
13. Fan the Flames14. Be a Kid Again15. Build [Y]our Own Wagon16. Play a New Game17. Branch Out18. Break Out
19. Find Out20. Hear The Gospel21. Spread the Word22. Pass It On23. Go Somewhere New24. Writer's Choice

Okay, that should do it for the table.  Please make sure you e-mail me at emmy_knickers@yahoo.com to post your claim; I'll e-mail you back and approve your membership.  Simple as that, folks!  When you e-mail me, please remember to read the rules first and tell me your pairing and fandom.  Please only make one claim at a time!

That should be it :)  Enjoy!

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